Discover the Thrill
of Electric

Recharge your riding experience

There’s nothing quite like winding your way through a set of tight twisty turns or flying down a backcountry road with fresh air in your face as a sense of speed and effortless acceleration flow through you on a cellular level. Maybe it’s your favorite off-road playground. Maybe it’s simply getting across town. Or, maybe you just want to cruise for a while and stop by to say hi to some old friends. By using technology as a means to an end, rather than as an end in itself, Zero Motorcycles has redefined the riding experience to bring a new thrill and sensation to every ride.

Not only refreshing.
Downright exhilarating.

Imagine a riding experience where you’re effortlessly flying just above the ground. It is silent. Acceleration is powerful and smooth. There’s no vibration, no heat and no fumes. It’s only you and the thrill of the ride. Welcome to Zero.

The Z-Force™ powertrain allows you to focus on what matters most, the ride itself. Without motor noise, you hear more. Without exhaust, you breathe fresh air. Without heat, you don’t need to worry about anything burning. And, without the need to shift, you ride better. By removing these elements you are ultimately more connected to the surrounding environment and can embrace the essence of motorcycle riding. Not to mention… imagine all the places you could suddenly ride if you eliminated the noise and fumes of exhaust.

Amazing to ride. Carefree to own.

The Z-Force™ system that powers every Zero is direct drive, requires no shifting and offers instant torque from 0 rpm. Free from having to match transmission ratios to torque curves, you can simply focus on enjoying the ride. In addition to a better riding experience, the Z-Force™ direct drive system reduces mechanical complexity.

The reduced complexity virtually eliminates all routine powertrain maintenance, increases efficiency and reduces weight. Simply put, every Zero is designed to provide a better motorcycle experience whether you are riding your motorcycle… or dreaming of riding your motorcycle.